Hey there, Food52 Editors: Wildcard Question

I'm having a "who moved my cheese" moment. Don't you usually pick Wildcards at the same time you announce each week's contest winners? I noticed you didn't pick a Wildcard yet this week, and I'm missing it!

Blissful Baker


hardlikearmour April 14, 2011
It's exciting that you've received the manuscript. A bummer about the wildcard reduction, though, I'm a big fan of the surprise!
Kristen M. April 14, 2011
We were wondering who would point that out first! Great eye, BlissfulBaker. The honest answer is that we're trying to moderate the size of the second food52 cookbook, having recently received the (very heavy) manuscript for the first book. We'll still announce Wildcard winners, but they'll be much more sporadic, unfortunately.
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