Semisweet vs sweet baking chocolate

My cake recipe calls for sweet baking chocolate, all I can find is semisweet. Any advice on adjustments that should be made. Thank you.

C Sangueza


Emily K. March 18, 2021
Hmm, a quick search let me know that you could substitute semi-sweet chocolate for sweet baking chocolate by adding 1/2 tablespoon sugar per ounce. I checked in with a co-worker who is a better bakers than I am, and they suggested that if the chocolate in your recipe is melted, this should work—and if it's not, they didn't think the difference in the sweetness would be too noticeable (so, no adjustment necessary). I hope that's helpful!
C S. March 18, 2021
Thank you Emily. I found that substitution as well but wondered if there was anything about fat content I should worry about. The chocolate was melted, and so added the extra sugar. The cake is now made- so the proof will be in the eating. Thanks again for your answer
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