Caramel without cream or skipping the caramel topping?

Hi! I'd love to make these blondies for a lactose intolerant friend and was wondering if the heavy cream could be substituted with anything else; or even skipping the caramel completely? Thanks in advance!

Mathieu Garcia


Mathieu G. March 23, 2021
Thank you so much! I ended up using homemade thick milk kefir which my friend can tolerate since it only uses traces of lactose. It was kind of an experiment, and the caramel turned out actually excellent - slightly tangy from the kefir. Will do it again!
Lori T. March 22, 2021
There is such a thing as a vegan caramel cream, and that's what I'd suggest. Most of them use coconut cream or milk to make it with, which gets you the creaminess without the dairy problems. There is a slight coconutty taste, but it's acceptable if you ask me. A web search should get you several recipes to choose from. I bet your friend would be very thankful you were so thoughtful!
Nancy March 21, 2021
Don't know of replacement for cream in making caramel.
Yes, either make the blondies without salted caramel, or use a non-dairy fudge and a bit of salt to replace it.
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