How do you keep your fridge organized?

Organizing the fridge can feel like a daunting task. We’d love to hear your personal go-to tricks—how do you keep your fridge in tip-top shape? (And if you're curious, here are some ideas we recently shared on the same topic:

Emily Kochman


Wendy March 22, 2021
Always tidy and clean your fridge before grocery shopping, I often find and item or two that I forgot I had and no longer need to buy.
I also put everything that should be used in the next week together on the shelf closest to eye level. Veggies or fruit from the crisper, leftovers, it is so much easier to use if you can see it!
Emily K. March 23, 2021
We completely agree, Wendy—so helpful to know exactly what you have on hand!
Emma L. March 22, 2021
One of my weekly cleaning tasks is a fridge regroup! (Some weeks this doesn't make the cut—but it's the thought, right?) Takes 15 minutes tops. I sort through each shelf, reorganize, downsize, and turn whatever's about to go bad into dinner.
Emily K. March 23, 2021
Such a great tip, Emma!
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