Help Baking Hush Puppies (light and crunchy consistency needed)

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but tomorrow I'll be making gumbo with hush puppies as a side dish. I wish to bake half though since my mother's cholesterol is high and she prefers to stay away from fried foods. I found a recipe on, but after reading the comments it seems like the recipe doesn't have the same consistency as fried hush puppies. Other recipes online didn't have a better rating and I've never had or made hush puppies before considering that I'm still 14, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips to make baked hush puppies have a more light and crunchy texture similar to fried hush puppies? Thank you in advance! ^^



Nancy March 29, 2021
Not exactly hush puppies, but corn bread made in Lodge cast iron pans with shapes like ears of corn give a crunchy, corn muffin. If avoiding frying is a long term need, worth buying.
Nancy March 29, 2021
On looking around, I see the pan with corn-ear shapes is only available used or vintage (any be hard to find or expensive). They also (still) make one divided in wedges, that gives cornbread with maximum crust and crispy edges. May be easier to buy.
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