Will the maple meringue stand up in between layers of a cake?

Making a Maple layer cake for my birthday this month and I am looking for the perfect filling. Please help!

Donna Sharp
Maple Meringue Filled Doughnuts
Recipe question for: Maple Meringue Filled Doughnuts


Happygoin May 10, 2021
In truth, I’ve not made this recipe. But I think I’d be afraid the weight of a cake would make the meringue squish out the sides rather than sit in the middle.

Unless the cake you’re making is particularly light, such as a genoise or sponge cake, I think I’d opt for a more substantial frosting such as a buttercream.
Donna S. May 10, 2021
Thanks. I decided to use it on the top, toasted and a Maple pastry cream as the filling with a Maple Buttercream as a dam to keep it in. Appreciate your help!
Happygoin May 11, 2021
Donna, that sounds like a cake I'd love to try. What an inspired idea to put it on the top. Sounds great!
Donna S. May 11, 2021
I will definitely be thinking of you when I take a bite. Thanks for the inspiration!
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