How can I doctor up a 6 pound can of nacho cheese to make it taste a little better and more presentable? Desperate in the kitchen

I have 26 pound cans of nacho cheese that need made over. I’m hosting a nacho bar for an event and was an able to find white queso. I’ll need help on how to adjust the cheese To make it more presentable and tastier. Please help

  • Posted by: Lori
  • May 11, 2021


Dpb April 28, 2023
Old thread.
There are similar questions out there without any real solid answers.
I’m thinking that’s a number 10 can you have from Sams or Costco. Maybe a bag.
Let’s do this.

When I say season, I mean salt and white pepper. You can use black pepper but you’ll have specks.

1) Make a small amount (? 1 qt)of white sauce with roux and milk(not cream. Fat will come from cheese).
Add fine shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Blend thoroughly(mornay). Season.
Blend with canned cheese sauce. Simmer for 15 min.
More cheese to make thicker. More milk for thinner. Smooth it out with VitaMix and/or strain.

2)Heat canned cheese sauce. Add blend of 33%American cheese and 66%fine shred Sharp cheddar or mexi blend. Enough until it looks and tastes the way you like it. Low simmer for 15 min.
Add small amount of cream cheese(Neufchâtel even better) maybe a 8oz block.
Blend. Reseason. Smooth it out with VitaMix and/or strain.

All sauces taste better the next day. So make in advance when possible.
Allow at least 15 min of slow simmer time. Fully adjusted consistency.

Chill correctly if you’re going to use in the future. That means, in a pan with sauce no more than 3” thick. In the fridge or ice bath, even better. Whisking to speed the process. Transfer to lidded container. Refrigerate.

Reheat to at least 160 degree slowly or it will/can break.
Hold at at least 140 degrees.

The first one can be frozen.
Allow to thaw slowly. Heat slowly.
Heat thoroughly before adjusting consistency with more fine shred cheese
Check seasoning.

Have a good day

Gammy May 11, 2021
What about adding a can or two (or three) of mild green or Hatch chiles to the cheese?
Nancy May 11, 2021
Wow, what a large amount!
As the cheese sauce is a kind of universal element most people will add to their nachos, I would not change it a lot.
For visual appeal, maybe have several stations with the cheese in fondue pots or other attractive ceramic pots over heating elements.
Possibly garnish simply with chopped cilantro, grape or cherry tomatoes, or dust with cayenne or ancho dried pepper.
For taste, maybe boost with the white queso or some cheddar.
Also, there are many ideas online of what to include in a nachos bar...cooked beans and/or meat, raw veg, salsas, chilies.
Beers with lime wedges. Tequila, plain or mixed.
Good luck and I hope it's all lovely and tasty!
Nancy May 12, 2021
Included the other well known elements of a nacho bar for the visual contrast they give the cheese sauce without altering the sauce itself.
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