YES! My poor brain couldn't pull that up to save my life! Possible to make the search a little more refined? Searches for bread gave me pasta w/ breadcrumbs!


AntoniaJames April 16, 2011
If looking for a bread recipe, including several ingredients, such as flour and yeast, as well as "bread" should get rid of most of the recipes with bread crumbs. If looking for a quick bread, put in "soda" and "powder" instead of "yeast", and whatever other ingredients you think are likely to be included, e.g., sugar or honey, cinnamon, etc., depending on what you have in mind. Finally, if you remember seeing a recipe from a particular cook, you can put that cook's name in the search field along with the likely ingredients and the word "bread," and you'll find just what you're looking for. ;o)
Merrill S. April 16, 2011
Sorry you had trouble! What sort of refinement do you think would have been useful? There is a category on the left of the search page for Bread and Baking -- might that have helped? Please don't hesitate to email us suggestions at [email protected]!
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