How to keep an organized pantry

Do you keep your pantry in tiptop shape, or simply make an effort to avoid things like clutter and dusty, hard-to-find (or worse, expired) items? What's worked best for you? Tell us your favorite organization hacks below!

Emily Kochman


Gammy May 20, 2021
Unfortunately I must admit I am addicted to Oxo's POP containers. I have them in all sorts of sizes and always seem to be able to fill any new ones coming into the kitchen. They really keep everything from flour to crackers to beans to chocolate chips in clear view, bug-less and fresher than most original containers.
I am fortunate to have 2 pantries... the one downstairs is in a closet with the water heater is mainly for canned goods and the one in the kitchen is for more perishable items so they are close at hand. On the back of one of the doors my husband built a series of narrow racks that hold spice jars side-by-side so nothing is hidden.
Emily K. May 28, 2021
Thanks so much, Gammy. Storage containers and spice racks—so helpful!
HalfPint May 20, 2021
Recently, I re-organized my little pantry using clear storage bins from The Container Store,

They are inexpensive, sturdy, and clear for easy viewing. Now I can pull out the bin to retrieve. The bins help to contain any drips or breakage.
Emily K. May 20, 2021
Thanks for sharing this tip, HalfPint! Couldn't agree more—clear storage containers make all the difference.
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