WHERE is the egg used in the recipe???



702551 June 12, 2021
The referenced Food52 recipe appears to have been deleted since this question was posted. Very peculiar.

However on searching the Internet for "no bake date cookie," the top hits reveal other recipes that include egg in the butter/date mixture (which is cooked). Try some of those recipes, perhaps the ones that have comments mentioning successful results.
Happygoin June 9, 2021
Not having made this recipe, I’m only guessing. But as the egg should be cooked, I’d beat the egg, then stir a little of the butter/date mixture into the egg to temper it (so it doesn’t scramble) when you take it off the heat. Then add that back to the pan with the butter/date mixture.

Just a guess. I’ve seen no-bake type cookie recipes and they don’t usually call for eggs, but...

You might also put a comment in the review section. The author may see it and update her recipe. Good luck!
liliana June 9, 2021
Thank you very much. I though the egg appeared by mistake.
Happygoin June 10, 2021
I'm inclined to agree with you, Liliana
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