20 Tablespoons of peanut butter?

Can the listed quantity of 20 Tablespoons peanut butter be accurate? That’s 1.25 cups, enough to overwhelm the flavours of all other ingredients.

  • Posted by: MJ
  • June 14, 2021


drbabs June 16, 2021
Without it having been tested and with no comments, I'd guess that the author meant 2 tablespoons, not 20. Have you thought about messaging them directly?
Nancy June 14, 2021
Haven't made this but have cooked many times with spice peanut sauce on various proteins.
The peanut butter amount might be just right or might be too much for one dish. Two ways to deal with it...
1) blend the ingredients that would make the sauce (including pb) and add only as much as you need to frying pan. If you use it all, fine. If not, put the rest in a closed jar in the fridge for about a week for other use.
2) make the recipe as directed but use only a portion (half or one-third, what looks good to you) in the frying pan at first. Add more if/as needed.
Would love to hear what amount worked out well.
Nancy June 14, 2021
Correction to step 2. Use only a portion of peanut butter...
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