Can gelatin be added to this recipe for a more marshmallowy texture?

I've been asked to make a S'mores inspired cake. Chocolate cake is the request. I'm planning to add ganache and graham cracker crumble for texture. I'd like to add marshmallow filling with more of a marshmallow consistency, rather than buttercream, slightly firm but not too gummy, something akin to the marshmallow in an old-fashioned Mallomar.

Additionally, is there a glaze that you'd recommend to achieve the consistency needed for a "tsunami" or "fill-me-up" cake consistency?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy your video series!

  • Posted by: Karen
  • June 14, 2021
Marshmallow Frosting
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Nancy June 15, 2021 sounds like your aim is ambitious, delicious and maybe a bit complicated. There will be various chemical and textural issues here, balancing competing aims of extra gelatin, firmer frosting, spreading frosting and tsunami frosting pouring out.
How much time and pantry resources do you have for experimentation?
Short of that I'd choose
• either primarily a tsunami cake (so make a standard chocolate tsunami cake and serve Graham crackers and broiked marshmallows on the side).
• or primarily a s'mores cake (ditch the tsunami idea for this time and make one of a chocolate cheesecake with graham cracker crust and grilled marshmallows on top, s'mores fridge cake, mallomar pie or s'mores regular cake). The last two, if memory serves, are here on food52. The web has many recipes for both chocolate cheesecake and s'mores fridge cake.
Good luck and please tell us what you chose to make!
Karen June 15, 2021
Thank you for the prompt reply. Call me fairy grandmother but I have a little whose vision for her birthday cake has been fostered by elaborate wish-granting in her previous 7 birthday celebrations. This year's cake vision has been conveyed to me in her own, detailed drawing of same.

The cake will be multi-tiered. A hula girl is the topper. The hula skirt will be natural, raffia colored prior to the tsunami glaze, which will coat it in bright green with tropical flower sprinkles.

The two, lower tiers will support the hula girl. The lowest tier will be the color of the sea. The middle tier will be colored like the sandy shore.

Sugar paste hibiscus are being made to decorate the bases of each tier.

Yes, I am ambitious. Children are children for such a short time and it is joyful for me to indulge their dreams. The cake must be chocolate. I plan to fill the layers with a thin chocolate ganache, graham cracker crumble and, I hope, a marshmallow filling that I'd like to have a similar mouth feel but soft enough to slice. I also envision torching it for that roasted flavor, prior to assembling the next layer.

My question is whether you have a recipe for marshmallow filling that is similar to what is inside the old-fashioned Mallomars. In my mind, that seems to be a doable consistency.

Again, I am grateful for your willingness to share your thoughts and expertise.
Nancy June 15, 2021
Well, Karen, so obviously, you're committed to this plan for your 7 year old honoree!
When I have or hear of complicated food plans, I like to start from something I know works. And then modify if it as needed.
For the firmer marshmallow layer, I would go to Serious Eats recipe for homemade Mallomar bars.
Sorry, no advice on how to mix your plan with a tsunami cake...maybe others here will have ideas.
Karen June 15, 2021
Thank you! It's Bravetart's Devils Food cake that I'm making. Why didn't I think of looking for the Mallomar recipe in your library? Thank you, again!
Karen June 15, 2021
I'm wondering if Erin McDowell's marshmallow filling for her Mallomar Pie might be a good choice, a little less firm but firm enough to hold up to cake filling?
Nancy June 15, 2021
Karen - your choice. Or maybe make small sample batches of each and decide based on results, Nancy
laura222 June 15, 2021
You can but try making it with this cookware
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