Is there a Lactose free substitute

Can I use lactate as a lactose-free substitution instead of the cream? My other option is coconut milk. I love any recipes that help me get rid of my chicken eggs. And I grow both shallots and spinach so this would be perfect. Thank you for your help

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Fresh Spinach & Shallot Quiche
Recipe question for: Fresh Spinach & Shallot Quiche

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AntoniaJames June 18, 2021
I'd use a thick nut milk or oat milk product, one designed for use in coffee, but without any sweeteners or flavors, of course. I'd probably reduce the quantity to 1 1/4 cup or perhaps less.

I'd also use frozen spinach that I'd thawed and then squeezed really hard in my hands to release as much liquid as possible. Spinach is full of water. I realize that it won't be quite the same as using fresh (probably not as pretty), but I'd be less worried about it being too watery. I'd also add an extra egg for richness.

Let us know how it turns out, please! ;o)
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