Accidentally bought thin sliced chicken, can I still grill it?

Wasn't paying attention and bought thin sliced chicken. It's really pretty thin (maybe 1cm thick) but I was planning on grilling it. Is it still possible to grill or should i adjust my plans?

Brittany Wise


Nancy June 22, 2021
Or loosely wrapped in foil on a closed grill - wrapped so it doesn't burn or fall through the spaces, closed grill and foil loose so the chicken gets some of the smoky flavor.
Or even use the old Girl Scout recipe...slice thin some root veg (onion, carrot, whatever you have on hand), place on either side of the chicken for individual portions, cook meat and veg at same time.
Nancy June 23, 2021
Foil packet dinner recipes (including chicken) are in this Girl Scout recipe booklet from the Los Angeles area.
Meant for camping but usable in the backyard.
AntoniaJames June 22, 2021
I like 702551's suggestion! Make sure to watch it like a hawk, as it will cook within a few seconds, if the grill is very hot. You really don't want to overcook it. ;o)
702551 June 22, 2021
I would grill it yakitori style on skewers.
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