Is this cake FreeZer friendly?

Would this cake freeze well?

  • Posted by: Ceysav
  • June 30, 2021
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Coconut Tres Leches
Recipe question for: Coconut Tres Leches

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AntoniaJames July 1, 2021
I wouldn't try, given that the glorious topping on it definitely will not freeze. You could, I suppose, make the base cake, but wait to poke the holes in it and proceed with the following steps. I don't know if the cake is improved by doing that step while the cake is still warm.

There are so many other great cakes out there that do freeze well. If I wanted to make a cake well in advance, or need one in the freezer for "cake emergencies" down the road, I'd select a good pound cake. Here's a test-kitchen approved that features coconut:

I hope this helps. ;o)
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