Is there a way to make heavy cream lighter with out resorting to dairy milk?

Research seems to indicate that sugar in addition to increasing risk of diabetes (along with all the simple carbs), sugar is really bad for the brain. To cut sugar, I switched from 1/2 &1/2 in my 3 cups a day. Heavy is the alternative but wondered if there was non milk way to lighten the heavy cream.
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1 Comment

drbabs July 3, 2021
I’ve struggled with this same issue— trying to limit sugar and saturated fat at the same time. I’ve also settled where you are right now— I use half and half. 2 tablespoons has only 1 gram of sugar, so even if you use 2 tablespoons in each cup of coffee, you’re only getting 3 grams of sugar for the day. Anything that will thin heavy cream will either have more sugar, or stabilizers and gums to thicken it. In my mind that’s worse, but you might feel differently. If this is a significant health issue beyond prevention, you might consider working with a registered dietician to work out a food plan that is personalized for you.
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