beef tenderloin for Easter: some like it med-rare, some do not.

We're having 10 for Easter dinner and my in-laws don't like rare or even med-rare beef (I know, I know). Other of our guests like it a nice pink or even a bit rare. I'm serving a beef tenderloin with a mustard crust and not sure how to get enough for 5 that is med-well and for 5 that is med-rare. Two different like-size pieces cooked for different times? Any hints?

  • Posted by: rlucido
  • April 17, 2011
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1 Comment

Amanda H. April 18, 2011
I'd definitely recommend cooking two like-size pieces for different times -- otherwise it's too risky and will be stressful. It's nice of you to accommodate everyone, so why not take the easier path to make it work! Happy Easter.
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