How long does my kiwi fruit last, if it expires in two days, but I freeze it right now?



Nancy July 9, 2021
Kiwi fruit last longer in fridge than at room temp ...up to a week.
Maybe experiment with these, keep them longer than label says to test its reliability.
Or freeze them, prepared as creamtea suggests.
creamtea July 8, 2021
Not clear on why your fruit will expire, unless you have a very large amount you need to use up. If you keep it refrigerated, it should be good for several days. If you freeze it (peeled and cut up) it will turn watery when you thaw it. If you have a large amount that you need to use up, you can use them in smoothies, or, according to this article, to tenderize meat . Perhaps you can peel and pulverize in a food processor, then freeze the pulp in ice cube trays if you wanted to use them in these applications. Alternatively, here is a sorbet recipe that sounds interesting:
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