I am looking for a Substitute for dill

I want to make this for my daughter who loves chick peas and beets but doesn’t like dill. Is there another fresh herb you would recommend I could use in its place?



Valhalla July 9, 2021
parsley (I like flat leaf much better than curly), mint
AntoniaJames July 9, 2021
A combination of cilantro and mint would work nicely. Ottolenghi uses the two together in an excellent turkey burger recipe that I make often - and which I now also use in fish cakes. It would be delicious in both the beet chickpea cakes and the tzatsiki.

I add a touch of parsley, too, for good measure. ;o)
Nancy July 9, 2021
Any soft leaf herb your daughter likes.
Particularly good with the rest of the recipe - oregano or cilantro.
702551 July 9, 2021
In the recipe head note the author suggests parsley or rosemary.
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