Sub for dark rum? Sub for sugar?

Understand dark rum can be deleted — am zero-alcohol — thoughts on using Beckett’s ‘27 non-alcoholic coconut rum?
It’s light colored but has the same flavor profile and only 10 calories per 1.5 ounce serving.
Okay to sub sugar with monkfruit?

Steph D
  • Posted by: Steph D
  • July 14, 2021
Coconut Rum Cream Pie
Recipe question for: Coconut Rum Cream Pie


Murielle B. July 15, 2021
Hi Steph,

Dark rum can definitely be omitted. I have tried the recipe with and without it and both pies were both delicious. As for subbing the sugar, I think DrBabs and HalfPint have given you great tips. I personally am not very familiar with cooking with monk fruit so I would not be able to say how to substitute the sugar with it. Let us know if you try any of the substitutions and how you find them :)
Stephanie D. July 15, 2021
Thank you, good to know about the rum — I’m hoping the Beckett’s’27 will help keep the intended flavor profile of the original recipe :)
drbabs July 14, 2021
To add to what HalfPint said, I think the non-alcoholic coconut rum will probably be fine, but I'd start with the smallest amount recommended in the recipe. As for monk fruit, it depends. Some commercial brands mix monk fruit with erythritol to cut the sweetness. I'd let the package information guide me as to how much to use to substitute for the sugar in the recipe. In the research I did, some sites suggested that monk fruit didn't work well when heated, so in this recipe, if I were going to use it as a substitute for sugar, I'd add it with the shredded coconut and vanilla after the mixture has come to boil.
Stephanie D. July 15, 2021
Ha! This may take me a few test pies to determine preferred measurements ;O

Thank you for the tips!
HalfPint July 14, 2021
Monkfruit should be fine. You will need to adjust the amount. Monkfruit is about 100x sweeter than sugar.
Stephanie D. July 15, 2021
Thank you — will keep that in mind :)
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