Do I need to take skins off my tomatoes for gazpacho?!?!

Do I need to take skins off my tomatoes for gazpacho?!?! Am making a recipe of Amanda’s. Thank you!

  • Posted by: alyce
  • July 23, 2021


Robin August 1, 2021
Which recipe is everyone referring to?
Nancy August 2, 2021
Andalusian Gazpacho, Aug 2018 by Kenji Lopez-Alt....the seriouseats link in Karen's (KLS) comment below.
KLS July 25, 2021
I just made Gazpacho from this recipe. I did not remove the skins, nor did I put it through a strainer as recommended in the recipe. It is perfect! I have never had luck before making gazpacho, but this recipe is a winner.
Nancy July 25, 2021
KLS - ah, a Kenji recipe! Thanks for recommending it...I have saved for later in the summer - Nancy
KLS July 25, 2021
Nancy, it's gonna be gone before I know it! Karen
Nancy July 26, 2021
Karen - another good endorsement!
702551 July 24, 2021
I agree that it's the cook's judgment call based on their own personal preference and what tomato varieties are available to you. Tomato skin thickness is heavily affected by recent weather and often a tomato with tough skins will benefit from extra hang time before picking.

Naturally some cultivars will have thicker skins than others so I would seek out ones with thinner skins.
Nancy July 23, 2021
Since you're asking, the recipe doesn't specify what to do with the skins.
Use your judgment, based on age, toughness and size of tomatoes. Also, how you are going to handle them.
If large, tougher skins and/or you're going to mash them by hand, I would remove the skins.
If many small tomatoes, tender skin and/or you will puree the soup in a blender or processor, you could leave the skins on.
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