Could this same recipe be used to make hand pies/pasties?

I was hoping to bring it to a picnic, but finger foods are easier on the go!

Lizzy Christman


702551 July 28, 2021
Oh, and since your goal is to make individual hand pies another possibility is to make a partial portion of filling (e.g., half) for your first batch rather than make the full quantity.

Since this recipe is for a double-height 9" pie dish it's pretty big. I'm not into gut-buster portions so I would consider that this recipe would provide 8 generous slices, each of which might actually have enough filling for two hand pies.

On a first attempt, I would likely make a half portion of the filling and ensure that I made enough pie dough to use up all of the filling. If there's any leftover pie dough that can be easily frozen for future use.
702551 July 28, 2021
Like AntoniaJames, I would opt for a dough specifically designed and tested as a hand pie crust. Just looking at the photo all of the cracks and fissures point to this crust being rather crumbly. It does not appear to be a pie dough that can be easily manipulated, a necessity for hand pies. Two of the three comments attest to this specific crust recipe's characteristics.

As for the filling, again referring to the photo, it appears to be generating a fair amount of liquid on the pie stand.

Rather than blanch the kale, I would consider chopping it up and sauteing in a small amount of olive oil. This will burn off much of the water from the kale just like sauteing spinach instead of boiling it.

If you decide to take AntoniaJames' route of blanching, I would put the sliced blanched kale in a clean tea towel and twist into a ball to remove the water. The extra leverage of the cloth will help remove far more moisture than what you can do with a fist.

I would also seriously consider cutting back both the stock and coconut milk by 1/3 or 1/2 to start. You can always add more to a dry mixture. Since this mixture already has potato I would consider adding a small amount of potato starch as a binder.

Another consideration would be to decrease the pumpkin and increase the potato: maybe 4 cups pumpkin and 2 russet potatoes.

Anyhow, there are multiple approaches here and you can use none, some, all, or others.

Best of luck.
AntoniaJames July 28, 2021
I would use the filling portion of this recipe, but not the crust, as it was developed and tested for building and baking as shown, and then slicing. You need a somewhat different type of crust for a hand pie - it need not hold up the entire pie, but should be a bit more flexible, to work when eaten out of hand.

To adapt it, I'd use this recipe for savory hand pies from a trusted Food52 source - the crust and method portions of the recipe - here:

I would make the filling from the curried kale, pumpkin and potato pie recipe following steps 1 - 5 exactly, but to control the moisture in it, I would blanch the kale separately, let it cool a bit, and then squeeze it hard between my hands to release as much liquid as possible. Then I'd cut it into thin strips and add it at the very end of the cooking time for the filling. I'd also let the filling sit for two or three hours (putting it in the fridge once it reaches room temperature) and then pour off any accumulated liquid before assembling the hand pies.

Let us know, please, if you try this and if so, how it turns out! ;o)
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