Freeze baked or unbaked, or will it last 2 days before cutting into it?

I want to make this pie as the vegetarian main for Thanksgiving, but am not sure I will have time to assemble and bake on Wednesday (definitely not on Thursday!). Options are to make the whole thing on Tuesday, then leave it (refrigerated, I assume) until Thursday, or to assemble the weekend before and freeze it unbaked, then bake Thursday morning before the turkey goes in (probably would take a long time from frozen?) or to freeze it baked, allow to defrost, and just reheat it Thursday after the turkey comes out. Any experience or advice?

Rachel G


Nancy October 24, 2022
I haven’t done it, but a site called occasionally eggs has a long entry - recipe, How-to, blog post stories - for a vegan pie in hot water pastry crust that YES can be frozen.
Another idea for your thanksgiving planning is to reverse your schedule. Roast the turkey on Wednesday (an Ina Garten idea) and leave the oven Thursday for the other dishes.
What Ina does is carve the turkey after Weds roast and warm it up in gravy on Thursday just before serving.
Hope these ideas help in your planning.
Nancy October 25, 2022
For making-the-turkey-in-advance see the Kelly Vaughn article here (Nov 2021) on Ina Garten’s best tips for thanksgiving.
Rachel G. October 25, 2022
Great ideas. Thanks so much for the help.
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