Freezing this peach tart today

My tart is oven ready but I’d like to freeze it. Should I bake it first or freeze unbaked as I do with peach pies? I’ve made this previously but served it the same day.

EB Levine
Peach Tart
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EB L. August 16, 2021
Thanks, Antonia. That’s exactly what I did with the peach tart. It’s always worked when I freeze my unbaked pies to serve at a later date
AntoniaJames August 16, 2021
I've made this peach tart many times, but I've never frozen it. If I were to freeze it, I'd freeze it in the unbaked state.

This peach tart is wonderful freshly baked. Like most fruit tarts, it gets a bit soggy after sitting overnight. (It's still delicious, but just not as appealing as it is right after baking it.) I believe that the tart would be even soggier if baked, then frozen, then thawed. Plus, if you can enjoy a pie or tart freshly baked, then why wouldn't you choose that option?
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