Is the pork cooked with the broth or just a topping?

Is the picture your recipe? It seems like the pork is added as a topping as it is nicely placed in the bowl not dispersed throughout. Is it actually cooked with the broth and soy milk? Also your garlic oil mentions salt, but does not state how much in the ingredient list.
I'm so excited to try this...thanks!

  • Posted by: JN
  • August 17, 2021
Spicy Miso Ramen EXPRESS
Recipe question for: Spicy Miso Ramen EXPRESS


AntoniaJames August 17, 2021
I agree it's a bit confusing. I went over to the recipe author's blog to try to figure this out. The confusion arises, I think, from the "styling" done for the photo.

You brown the pork, as instructed, and then add the mushrooms and broth, and cook them together. It looks like whoever took the picture removed the pork from the broth for the purpose of sitting it on top of the bowl.

As for the salt in the oil, use 1/2 teaspoon of fine sea salt.

I hope this helps. (That dish looks quite delicious, by the way. I may try it when my sons come in early September!) ;o)
JN August 17, 2021
Thank you! I figured it was for plating purposes, but I've gotten similar ramens before with the same concept of a dollop of meat instead of it being dispersed throughout and always wondered if it was removed after the fat was rendered which would still give it that umami taste from the deglazing. Or if it's really all cooked together and then the meat is sieved out only to be put back to be picturesque. ha!
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