cake flavor intensifying over days

i'm baking an apple cake for someone. i asked if i should bake it 2-3 days before delivery so the flavors will develop. she said there's no need since she plans to freeze the cake. i think if i bake the cake the day before delivering it, she'll miss out on the flavor intensifying. does the flavor intensify when frozen? or maybe when she defrosts it? i still think it's best i make it 2-3 days before she freezes it,

  • Posted by: alan
  • August 22, 2021


drbabs August 22, 2021
I would bake it no more than one day before you’re delivering it to her. That will give the cake 24 hours for the flavors to develop and for the cake to fully cool so that you can wrap it well for freezing. I think there’s a much greater chance of the cake drying out if you bake it too far in advance. And since she has already told you that she’s freezing it, you can wrap it for her freezer (or instruct her on wrapping it well if you want her to see it first).
alan August 22, 2021
it's a cake made w oil so it has a long life. when i deliver it, i will wrap it in plastic and then foil. Tx
Nancy August 22, 2021
Alan -
In my experience, the foods that show most flavor improvement or greater intensity after initial cooking are spice cakes or complex meat stews.
Your apple cake may fall into the first category, but the woman receiving and serving the cake isn't worried about more flavor development..
On the other hand, you want her to have optimum taste experience from your baking.
Maybe - to strengthen the flavor - you could give her a small package of seasonings or frosting to add to the cake just before she serves it.
And, if I remember correctly, shana tova.
alan August 22, 2021
it's an apple cake w Fall spices. it will b flavorful on day 1 but moreso subsequently. i am in israel, yes. Tx
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