Looking for a cobbler recipe the way grandma made it

Hi, I am on the hunt for a cobbler recipe the way my grandma made it, not Betty Crocker's. She was born and raised in the South. It was a double crusted cobbler, less biscuit more thick tender pie crust. Sometimes the top layer was one sheet or she would cut it in strips. I had one similar once and the lady used jiffy pie crust mix, but it wasn't quite right. Anyone happen to have a similar recipe? Thank you!

  • Posted by: KON100
  • August 29, 2021


makhinson August 30, 2021
Old School Brand makes a great cobbler mix! Super easy to make and delicious. https://oldschool.com/product/fruit-cobbler/
aargersi August 29, 2021
This one has a caramel topping that sounds amazing


Looks like it’s essentially a double pie crust with a more cobbler like filling. There are several versions that pop up right away in a Google search
aargersi August 29, 2021
Do you mean like this?

KON100 August 30, 2021
This actually looks and sounds very similar, I am going to try. Thank you for your help!
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