Searching for Award Winning Spice Mixture

One of my cooking newsletters had a list of award winning new products. One was for several varieties of spice mixes to which you could add a protein and vegetables for a stir fry. The packets were not cheap. I want to say approx $30 for say, 8-10 of them. I can’t find article now. They were middle eastern or Asian flavors. Does anybody know what the product might be? I wanted to send box for a housewarming present to my daughter and family. 2 young children and easy, healthy meals a plus.



drbabs September 7, 2021
I found this too.
ChefAnnie September 8, 2021
Bingo! That’s what I was looking for. I’ll reply again when I get feedback from my daughter. Thank you so much!
drbabs September 7, 2021
Is this it?
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