Is this recipe freezable? Please

I have not made the recipe. Because I have too many honeycrisps, was thinking to double it right away and freeze some for later.
Do you think this would freeze well or get way too mushy?

  • Posted by: Tysiepup
  • September 24, 2021


702551 September 24, 2021
Freezing should work pretty well provided you halt the recipe at a suitable point.

A lot of restaurants pre-cook grains (like risotto) about three-quarters of the way done and then cool rapidly (usually spreading out on a sheet pan). They reheat individual portions to order with whatever cooking liquid called for.

For this recipe you'd go to Step 4 of the farro risotto section but stop before it is al dente, again estimating that you want to be about 3/4 of the intended doneness. Cool rapidly on sheet pan then refrigerate/freeze. You'd also freeze some of the broth/cider mixture.

The caramelized apple/fennel mixture should survive freezing as well. I make apple compotes when I have a lot.

To finish cooking you'd defrost the risotto first (leaving it overnight in the fridge should basically accomplish this) as well as the broth and basically finish off Step 4 until al dente then proceed with the rest of the recipe. Thus you would not freeze the farro and apple/fennel mixture together. Keep them separate as well as the leftover broth.

You'd want to finish with fresh herbs, spices, and fresh cheese. None of those will get any better in the freeze.

Note that keeping the apple/fennel mixture separate allows you to repurpose it for other dishes. I would have no qualms about serving it as a condiment for many meat dishes (particularly a pork roast).
Tysiepup September 25, 2021
What a thoughtful reply! I am super busy at work and you have saved me the trial and error. This recipe is going to be such a hit in November when we have guests. Thank you!
Lori T. September 24, 2021
I think it could freeze fairly well, so long as you held off on the goat cheese and walnut topping part until serving time. I like to cook up a batch of farro ahead of time myself, since it can take a while to cook, and it thaws out without much texture change. However, I'm no fennel fan and have never tried freezing that at all so I can't say much about that. When I freeze the farro, I do it in vacuum sealed bags, and use within a couple months at the most. You can also freeze apple slices, did you know that?? I slice and dip in lemon juice, then freeze on sheets until firmly frozen. Then I vacuum pack those as well. So if you have room in your freezer, and don't want to do them all up in a risotto- try that as well.
Tysiepup September 25, 2021
What a great reply! I love the tip about freezing apples. Being between the Hudson Valley and NYC, I always easily freeze cherries and peaches for mid-winter pies. This year we will add apple! Plus this recipe as we have a few visitors from the Midwest and I want to show off our goat cheese.
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