What spatula do you use for flipping the eggs?

I have a very thin, sharper-edged spatula I bought over 20 years ago. It has the little yellow piece on the end as yours does. I have not been able to replace it and have worn out all but the very last one I rescued from my mother's estate; it is now reserved only for eggs. They were originally marketed as a brownie cutter/spatula. Do you know the brand of yours and if they are still available? Thank you in advance, Mary

  • Posted by: loulew
  • September 29, 2021
Mike’s Famous Fried Eggs
Recipe question for: Mike’s Famous Fried Eggs


aargersi September 30, 2021
I use a super thin OXO one on a non stick pan, works great!
loulew October 2, 2021
Thank you!
Nancy September 30, 2021
Loulew - not sure what features you want in a spatula, but Serious Eats (and various other sites) periodically review available models and usually recommend best, best bargain one, etc. There's a so-called cookie spatula with steel inside and orange silicone coating recommended for non-stick pan. Others for metal pans.
loulew October 2, 2021
Thank you!
Heather G. September 29, 2021
I use a metal fish spatula, since it is a cast iron pan.
loulew October 2, 2021
Thank you!
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