Roasting Whole Yukon Potatoes?

Hey F52! We just ended up with a large bunch of yellow potatoes and I was wondering if they can be whole roasted like Russets? Any timing or prep considerations would be welcome. The internet is not being so helpful on this one.



Marcia A. October 10, 2021
Thanks to Martha Stewart, I've found my favorite method for baking Yukon Gold potatoes. Place washed and dried potatoes on the middle rack of a preheated 325 degree oven. Set the timer for ninety minutes, and don't open the oven door during that time. The cooked potatoes stored in the refrigerator last for what seems like forever. To reheat, put a potato or several back in a preheated 325 degree oven until warmed through. There are endless options for topping a baked potato, so get creative.
AntoniaJames October 15, 2021
This is so helpful, Marcia. Thank you for this response!

We prefer the flavor of Yukon golds over just about any other, so I'm happy to have this information. Doing a quick search for information, I found an article on, which included a screenshot of the Martha Stewart empire's Instagram post.

The Instagram-er recommends smashing the potatoes on the counter right after taking them out of the oven, and then pulling them apart with one's fingers to open them up for toppings. reports using 6 - 8 ounce potatoes when testing. Following the instructions provided by Marcia, they turned out perfectly.

I'm looking forward to trying this! Thanks again. ;o)
Nancy October 5, 2021
Because Yukon Gold potatoes have thinner skin than Russet/baking potatoes, they may be an especially good choice for Smashed Potatoes....twice cooked (first boiled, then roasted).
Enjoy, :)
702551 October 4, 2021
I roast Yukon gold potatoes frequently. The main thing -- like any other potato variety -- is to cook them until they are done.

While I try to grade my potatoes by size, there is always some sort of unevenness in the baking so I typically end up removing individual potatoes as they reach desired doneness. I generally stick a metal skewer/paring knife and judge doneness by how easily it penetrates the potato.

Sometimes I can't be bothered so I cook until the largest one is done.

An overbaked potato is far more acceptable than an underbaked one.

I will point out that I have purchased Yukon golds in a variety of sizes over decades. Some are basically twice the size as others. Don't look at a clock.

Best of luck.
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