My bread is undercooked no matter what

When I baked bread for the first time, it came out perfect, from then on the middle of the bread is always undercooked. I put it in for 30 minutes for 180c. Any other bakes are coming out just fine except bread. What do I do?

  • Posted by: Shasta
  • October 12, 2021


Sharon October 19, 2021
Pretty sure you need to calibrate your oven. Many more ovens than you might think are off, some as much as 50-70 degrees. I had a similar problem with mine, but I got to the bottom of it years ago. I tested it with an oven thermometer and discovered it was 25 degrees cooler than the dial mark. So, now I know that if I want to bake at 375 I have to set it at 400. I would suggest that everyone run a check. You'd be surprised what you can find out.
AntoniaJames October 12, 2021
Lots of good advice here from drbabs . . . . I would be interested in knowing what size pan you're using. A tall loaf pan -- I have one with a bottom that's much narrower than the top -- could be contributing to the problem. A longer, shallower loaf will have fewer issues with under-baked dough in the middle. If the size of the loaf pan is a problem, you'll know once you get the thermometer readings, as the exterior would in that case be over-baked when the center is finally ready. Good luck! ;o)
drbabs October 12, 2021
Sounds like either the temperature is too low, you’re not baking it long enough, or both. For quick breads, you want to bake it till a tester comes out with no crumbs. I generally turn the oven off at that point and let the bread sit in the cooling oven for 5-10 minutes just to ensure it doesn’t collapse as it cools. For yeasted breads, you probably want to go up to about 200c. Most yeasted breads need to reach a center temperature of 90-95c before they’re done. Check the temperature with an instant read thermometer in the center of the loaf. If you really want to get better at baking bread, I recommend reading The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. He goes through each step of bread baking so you really get a feel for the chemistry and art, and there are many helpful suggestions.
Shasta October 12, 2021
Thanks, I will buy a thermometer and get to reading that book
Shasta October 12, 2021
Pls someone answer of you have a solution
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