Plant-based milk for pastitsio?

I am experimenting with eliminating most dairy from my diet. Does with experience making pastitsio have a recommendation for which plant-based milk would work the best for the bechamel?

Vegetarian Pastitsio
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AntoniaJames October 19, 2021
I regularly cook for someone with a dairy allergy. I like using the full fat oat milk (Oat-ly brand is my first choice - I've tried quite a few of the alternatives) in dishes like this. Almond milk tends to be a bit watery - though you can adjust to some extent by adding a touch more flour when thickening the bechamel. ;o)
deedee1200 October 20, 2021
Thank you!
Joe B. October 19, 2021
Thanks for writing! I used oat milk for the bechamel. Tastes great!
deedee1200 October 20, 2021
Thank you!
Nancy October 19, 2021
Spent more than 20 years as a vegetarian. Have not tried all the plant milks in this dish, but reactions include:
1) most soy milk has off taste, except the vanilla-flavored ones, which are good for baking and sweet dishes;
2) rice milk and almond milk are watery and neutral;
3) cashew milk is often rich and good in both sweet & savory dishes;
4) oat milk, like rice and almond, is neutral but somewhat more flavorful.
Here is one recipe that is on my to-do list that looks good and uses oat milk.
I would go for that or the cashew milk.
deedee1200 October 20, 2021
Thank you!
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