So, I do have a bottle of kirsch...

What do you think of using kirsch instead of almond extract?

Black Forest Marshmallows
Recipe question for: Black Forest Marshmallows


Nancy October 25, 2021
Dickens the Dog - your choice, a matter of taste.
But your kirsch idea also makes me think of a smash-up recipe: black forest somemores for an adult dessert!
dickensthedog October 25, 2021
Thank you so much Nancy for your quick reply. I was a little worried about that the kirsch might prevent the marshmallows form setting up. I love your idea of adult s'more! My family LOVES Bada Bing cherries, and my plan is to decorate my nephew's upcoming birthday cake with a ring of the marshmallows on top :)
Nancy October 25, 2021
I don't think the kirsch will make a chemistry/cooking difference, as the almond extract which it would replace also has alcohol.
Nice cake idea for your nephew!
dickensthedog October 25, 2021
Oh, how right you are!
I will try to remember to post a picture of the cake :)
AntoniaJames October 25, 2021
My concern about this substitution would be in the amounts involved. Typically, one uses just the tiniest amount of almond extract, given it's strong, strong flavor. I'm not sure that a 1:1 substitution will give you the flavor boost you're looking. Perhaps you can work the kirsh into some other component of this treat?

If you do try it, please let us know how it turns out. Thank you. ;o)
dickensthedog October 25, 2021
Thank you. Another very good point : ). I think a capful of kirsch might be ok, and/or the melted chocolate might be a nice place to incorporate the kirsch.
dickensthedog November 13, 2021
Hi Nancy and Antonia,
Here is the decorated cake. I decided to forgo dipping the marshmallows in chocolate given the voluptuous chocolate glaze on the cake, and I chickened out on using kirsch in the marshmallows, but I did add some to the sour cherry filling between the layers and under the chocolate glaze.
We will be devouring it in a little while : )
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