Can you use a standard stovetop pressure cooker to make this? Adjustments? I have

I have a Fagor large Enough to accommodate the 7”

  • Posted by: Shari
  • November 1, 2021


AntoniaJames November 2, 2021
I was curious about this (that cheesecake looks so good! and I've read that pressure cooked cheesecakes are lighter, less dense, etc.) so I did some quick research (thank you, Google).

I found this recipe, taken from what appears to be a comprehensive pressure cooker cookbook for which recipes were tested both in a stovetop pressure cooker and an electric pressure cooker:

Given how close the cook time is to the one in this Food52 recipe, i would not hesitate to try it, using the cooking instructions in the recipe I linked.

If you do try it, please let us know how it turns out! Thank you. ;o)
Shari November 2, 2021
aargersi November 2, 2021
The issue that I see with that is based on my IP vs pressure cooker experience … IP truly seals and holds all of the moisture in. My pressure cooker had a valve on to that released steam as it went and the knob on top told the story of how much. If yours is same, you’ll need to account for that in the amount of water that you use. I would do a test run before making it for a dinner party that same day. Honestly though I’d find a traditional oven recipe, I know folks do a LOT in the instant pot but to me that feels “novelty” - I stick to good old beans, soups and stews, and really good oatmeal for the most part.
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