I have an excess of chorizo in the house. What can I make that will surprise me? (preferably no pasta recipes--I'm pasta'd out.)



ChefDaddy April 21, 2011
I love the very simple chorizo and egg burrito and sometimes with the addition of potato.
Kayb April 21, 2011
I love fresh chorizo in a frittatta with fried potatos, black beans, lots of cheese, and topped with salsa and guacamole. Cured chorizo is wonderful in a tomato ragou over polenta or rice (since you're pasta'ed out), and I use it a lot in a tortilla. Diced small and sauteed for a minute or two, it's wonderful scrambled up in some eggs and wrapped in a corn tortilla. Diced up, sauteed and drained, in a salad with apples and balsamic viniagrette dressing. (Can you tell I kinda like chorizo?)
nutcakes April 21, 2011
You didn't say if it was Mexican fresh corizo or some sort of Spanish cured chorizo, but this is delicious:
cateler April 21, 2011
Chorizo goes so well with clams. Saute diced chorizo in evoo with some crushed red pepper, garlic and onions, until onions are wilted. Toss in some littlenecks, broth and white wine, cover and cook until clams open. Add a squeeze of lemon and some chopped parsley. Add a crustly loaf of bread to dip and you're good to go!
Helen's A. April 21, 2011
My favorite way to make chorizo: Cut into 1/2 rounds cook in a heavy fry pan (cast iron is best) until very brown in a little olive oil. Remove and drain on paper towels. Wipe out the excess fat. Add 1 tbs good olive oil and return to medium heat. Add 1 large sliced sweet onion and cook until golden. Add the chorizo back in with 1/4 c good quality sherry. Cook for another minute or two. serve with lots of crusty bread.
AntoniaJames April 21, 2011
One of my sons' favorite pizzas (their own creation) uses a bed of caramelized onions, followed by fresh arugula, chorizo and a very light scattering of fresh mozzarella and Manchego. They cut the chorizo into thick julienne and saute them first to render some of the fat. ;o)
nannydeb April 21, 2011
If it's Mexican chorizo, try this:

Kitchen B. April 21, 2011
fiveandspice April 21, 2011
Chorizo tacos are also yummy. Just fry up the chorizo and put it into tacos with all your favorite taco toppings. (Very yummy for breakfast tacos/burritos.)
Cupcake921 April 21, 2011
That sounds terrific! Or how about a frittata using the chorizo and some other Spanish-inspired ingredients? I'm thinking a chorizo and potato frittata, finished off with a little manchego cheese..
pierino April 21, 2011
Think something Spanish; paella, arroz con pollo or tortilla.
Merrill S. April 21, 2011
Amanda's shrimp and chorizo salad (above) is one delicious option.
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