Which non-dairy sub for milk is best?

I have guests who can’t tolerate milk. Would almond milk or coconut milk be good swaps for whole milk?

Roberta Zelkha


MMH November 19, 2021
We have just started cooking dairy free and we prefer oat milk. Most brands also Sell an extra creamy variety. The doctor pointed out that while almond milk may be labeled unsweetened, most times sugar is an ingredient so if sugar is an issue that may matter to you. He also pointed out that almond milk may be the most environmentally unfriendly nondairy milk because so much water is required for processing.
Mcbird November 17, 2021
Coconut milk is what Maricel recommended in the podcast.
drbabs November 17, 2021
I would lean towards almond milk, oat milk, or cashew cream, but really I think that any non dairy milk will work.
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