Making Italian sausage and peppers for a crowd...any advice?



mcd2 April 23, 2011
a friend told me that his mother's secret to fabulous peppers was the addition of a small amount of red pepper flakes. haven't tried it but that might be of use to you...
CookOnTheFly April 22, 2011
Sweat the onions and peppers while you cook the sausauge. I like to use a mixture of hot and sweet sausage for better flavor. To add an interesting flavor/color combo to mine, I use poblano, red and yellow peppers. A tablespoon of balsamic vinegar added at the end adds just enough sweetness to the sauce.
pierino April 21, 2011
I absolutely agree on cooking the ingredients separately. Sweat down the onions and peppers while you cook the sausage. And of course, use really good fresh sausage from the "pork store."
SKK April 21, 2011
Did she roast the peppers first? Always gives a depth of flavor to roast. Would be great if you could post the recipe you end up serving. Love to make it.
zametkin April 21, 2011
sounds just about all ingredients separately is the key I guess. Thank you!
francesca G. April 21, 2011
my grandmother always made hot italian sausage, peppers, and meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce (from canned this time of year) for our family the night before thanksgiving and it lasted for the whole hoagies, alone, cold for breakfast (not gross -- delicious). it's hearty, useful and makes wonderful leftovers. essentially, cook all components separately and then bring them together to stew for a while in a spicy tomato sauce of your own making, herbed up and with lots of garlic.
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