My turkey is missing alot of skin. is it safe to eat



madjid December 3, 2021
without skin turkey
AntoniaJames November 26, 2021
In this case, I'd tent the bird for most of the cooking time, to prevent the hot air of the oven from drying out the meat. Better to have less crispy skin (whatever is left) than parched turkey breast or leg . . . . In fact, you could remove what skin there is, after roasting the bird, while it's resting (also tented), and crisp the skin up on a baking sheet at 425 for as long as it takes to get it to sizzle, and serve that - a bit unconventional, but I'm guessing it will be all be gone in short order, and that your guests will appreciate the effort. ;o)
Amanda H. November 25, 2021
Do you mean when you took it out of the packaging to cook it, much of the skin was missing? If so, it's not ideal if you like to eat the skin, but the rest of the turkey should be safe to eat.
iamellice November 25, 2021
yes when I took it out of the sealed bag. What would cause it to have so little skin? Thank you
Kristen M. November 25, 2021
Maybe a processing mistake? 1) You could blame the dog. 2) Extra gravy will help!
Nancy November 25, 2021
And the dog ate your recipe (homework) too?
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