Have you added ice to this recipe?

did you add ice in this recipe or is it just a blended fruit with coconut milk?

  • Posted by: Lynne
  • November 25, 2021
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1 Comment

702551 November 25, 2021
Additional ice isn't necessary.

Frozen ripe Hachiya persimmons have a sorbet-like texture. These are served as is a dessert course in Japan.

Here you are peeling those frozen persimmons and turning them into a slushy with the food processor plus the addition of some coconut milk. Add as much coconut milk to reach your desired consistency (the Food52 photos show a soft serve consistency), no need to follow the recipe quantity slavishly.

And yeah, at some point try the frozen persimmons as is. They are delicious on their own.

Best of luck.
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