Waffle cut cookies? Take them off the chopping block

I have been thinking about the Holiday Swap box, and was wondering if a mandolin would be a good idea for well chilled icebox cookies?
The things you think of at 2:18 AM....



AntoniaJames December 8, 2021
I wouldn't try any kind of pattern on these cookies as the dough will spread and rise when baking, which will eliminate the pattern altogether. To get a pattern to work on cookies, you need a bone dry dough - like springerle, which you actually let air dry overnight before baking (and even then, the design can disappear). ;o)
Miss_Karen December 8, 2021
Thank you Antonia. I am considering something like a shortbread cookie since there isn't any leavening. London Fog cookies perhaps. The design would be the cut itself. Springerle dough might work too because it's already a stiff dough.... Further cogitation is required.
MMH December 6, 2021
I am not a baker - at all. But what if you froze your dough in a log & cut it with 1 of those things (apologize for being inarticulate) that they use to cut carrots with for a crudite board. ( what is that????)
Miss_Karen December 6, 2021
The device you are referring to is a mandolin. That was the general idea... to chill/freeze some sort of sugar cookie dough and then slice it like waffle fries. Just a weird 2:18 AM thought. As far as I know, crudite are cut by hand, with a knife.
MMH December 7, 2021
No - im thinking of s hand held device.
Nancy December 6, 2021
Miss Karen...not sure it would work, but if you're looking for ways to make thin pieces of dough for cookies, have you considered a pasta roller? If you have one maybe worth trying with parchment paper around the dough.
drbabs December 6, 2021
It might work if the dough is frozen and you can adjust your mandoline to the thickness you want. And if there aren’t elements that could get stuck on the blade like nuts or chocolate chips. Pretty ingenious thought in the middle of the night, actually! I did some research, and I didn’t find anyone recommending it, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it with a small amount of cookie dough (and cut proof gloves). Worst case, you re-roll the dough, re-chill it, and use a knife!
Miss_Karen December 6, 2021
Thanks! I am considering the Hibiscus lemon cookie recipe for this experiment. We'll see..
AntoniaJames December 6, 2021
I probably wouldn't try it. That's because the pushing motion, even with frozen dough, is likely to distort the cookie dough shape - especially the design - too much.

I do like your idea of rolling the dough into a log to slice and bake, instead of rolling each cookie! Especially this time of year, when I have so little time to mess around, I'd get out my knife sharpener, sharpen my knife really well, and then slice to the desired thickness.

Let us know how it turns out, please. ;o)
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