My Grandmother made something she called Dutch cakes..

the cake was dark and contained dates. cut into 4 inch squares finished with a meringue type frosting/icing they were made early and packed away in a big tin until Christmas. The meringue crumble all over you face on first bite.. does any one know what I'm talking about .. looking for a recipe

  • Posted by: Anno
  • December 17, 2021


aargersi December 17, 2021
Maybe something like this?

Or this - it seems to be a British / Australian thing:

HalfPint December 17, 2021
By any chance was your gran from Pennsylvania? Could this be an Amish cake and mislabeled as "Dutch"?
Anno December 17, 2021
Texas born and reared. I would love to find the recipe for them. I have her cookbook and many hand written recipes but nothing of this sort. Do you know where I might find the recipe for the Amish cake?
HalfPint December 17, 2021
Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe for what you are looking for. Sorry. I thought that maybe the "Dutch" part might have been a bastardization of "Deutsch". Much like "Dutch" Pennsylvania.

I did see a recipe for Amish funny cake but it does not sound like your gran's cake (no meringue). Perhaps your gran was a creative baker who developed this herself :)
Anno December 18, 2021
thank you for your input and interest
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