Best way to Make ahead gourgeres

I need to make gourgeres for a party tomorrow. I was going to freeze them and bake tomorrow but they’ll defrost before I get to my destination… can I bake them today and refresh in the oven tomorrow before serving? OR can I make the pate choux today and use it tomorrow?

  • Posted by: heiwei
  • December 17, 2021


Nancy December 18, 2021
Maybe too late for this party.
David Lebovitz in his recipe for gougeres say either way works for making in advance.
Pipe mixture onto baking sheet hold in fridge or freezer, bake just before serving.
Or bake, hold for few hours, warm-up just before serving.
heiwei December 19, 2021
Thanks so much for responding. I wound up making the choux, baking them off, and reheating. They were perfect, and now I have a new party trick :)
aargersi December 17, 2021
Look at the comment here from Manhattan T - she froze the raw ones and baked as needed with great results. PS this version is the bees knees!
aargersi December 17, 2021
Oh I saw that they’ll defrost, can you transport in an insulated bag with a cold pack?
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