will this work in a tart pan rather than a galette-style?

will this recipe work if I use a removable sides tart pan instead of making a galette?

Dina Petringa
Loaded Mushroom Galette
Recipe question for: Loaded Mushroom Galette


Melina H. December 22, 2021
I guess, sure you could. What is your reservation with making the galette, if I may ask? If you opt to make a tart instead, you will miss having that dough overhang - the pretty pastry border, which makes a good balance (and important flaky textural experience) for the filling. Also, the way it is originally made has the pastry loaded with the filling ingredients - makes this recipe special, and quite a lovely experience!
Dina P. December 24, 2021
Thank you and you convinced me! So, now I have made it and frozen it to back on Christmas- smodo I need to defrost it before baking, and if so, for how long- and if not, how to banks from frozen? Thank you in advance!
Dina P. December 24, 2021
Sorry -‘ bake on Christmas’
‘So do I need to defrost’
Melina H. December 24, 2021
Yay! Correct: do *not* defrost it. (You freeze it so the galette form holds its shape) Bake it straight from the freezer, undisturbed inside the oven for at least 30 minutes before rotating the pan (if you do that). Hope it turns out great!
Nancy December 22, 2021
I haven't done it, but I think yes.
The main thing I'd be concerned about is having a bit too much pastry and a bit too much filling, depending on the dimensions of your tart pan.
The way I'd deal with the possible problem is to make the original amounts of pastry and filling and - if you have too much - save for another use.
Pastry can go in the freezer or make a small hand pie.
Mushroom filling can go on pasta, omelet or in soup.
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