Why do you freeze before baking???

I was planning on making this for NYE (tonight) but now see you're supposed to freeze for 4 hours before baking? I've made plenty of galettes, so this is throwing me for a loop. Why must it be frozen before baking?

Peggi Jane
Loaded Mushroom Galette
Recipe question for: Loaded Mushroom Galette


Melina H. January 1, 2022
I freeze it beforehand so that the galette will hold its shape once met with the roaring hot oven. It is loaded with its fillings, so that also gives extra assurance for the pastry to keep all contained! Long ago, I had a pastry mishap and nearly always freeze pies and galettes as a result. Lmk what you end up doing.
drbabs January 1, 2022
Thanks for clarifying that!
peggi January 1, 2022
Okay! I’ve never heard of this before but will definitely try it. Will let you know how it goes.
drbabs December 31, 2021
It’s a mystery. Maybe the author was giving instructions for making it ahead? Did you make it and just bake it without freezing it first? How did it turn out?
peggi January 1, 2022
Hi! I’m going to make it tomorrow & will get back to you!
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