Recipe for a vegan coffee cake with fruit?

I used to have a favourite bakery that sold what they called a 'vegan love loaf', but it's gone out of business since I moved :O It had lots of dried fruits in it - I remember strawberries, maybe rhubarb, carrots even?, but my friend thinks it had pineapple, cranberries and coconut. The texture was crumblier than a carrot cake though, more like a coffee cake. Any similar recipes out there? (A search for 'vegan love loaf' turns up nothing :(

Natalie McLeod


sexyLAMBCHOPx October 18, 2015
Here's one on the site:
Nancy October 18, 2015
Haven't heard of a vegan love loaf (probably a proprietary name made up by the now closed bakery), but think you have a fun experimental road ahead of you.
Two ideas:
Look for vegan Christmas cake recipes and use your favorite fruits from the remembered cake instead of some of the more traditional raisins, cherries, etc. Example:
Take a crumbly coffee cake recipe and doctor it to reflect your memories. Example:
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