Why are ingredients not listed in order?

I got a little tripped up when making this. I was a distracted parent during prep time and made the marinade with all the ingredients as listed... then came time to get the meal cooking and realized I had missed putting the yogurt! Doh! Admittedly, this is mostly my fault. But I was hunting through the recipe looking for when to add the yogurt and after awhil I noticed it, right at the top, first thing. In the recipe it is listed right after the chicken? This seems weird. My assumptions led me astray here. I may be the only one, but maybe moving the yogurt to the top of the ingredient list would be an easy 'fix'. I'm sure it will be great anyway! I added the yogurt as soon as I noticed. Thanks!!

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1 Comment

Hana A. January 9, 2022
Hi Therambis! Thank you so much for pointing this out -- it was absolutely an unintended mistake on our part. It's been fixed (yogurt's all the way at the top now, as it was originally intended), appreciate your eagle eye and hope you enjoy the recipe! :)
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