How does this do on a grill? Curious if anyone has tried making this on the grill instead of under the broiler


  • Posted by: kaytch
  • May 5, 2022


aargersi May 6, 2022
More on grilling … to ensure the chicken doesn’t stick! First off, we buy a grill specific non-stick spray, but a swipe with neutral oil works as well. Make sure your grill is very clean, and leftover bits will also make the chicken want to stick. Let the grill fully preheat, putting the chicken on clean, hot and prepared grates is another key to not sticking!
Nancy May 6, 2022
Not this recipe, but yes other chicken on the grill.
Marinate the chicken pieces as original recipe directs.
Cook about 10 minutes on a heated grill.
Either on a sheet pan with grill cover down, if space allows and you like that. Or pieces directly on the grill. Turn once.
Cook until internal temperature reaches 165F.
Remove from grill and proceed with recipe.
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