I need a version of this recipe that is more heart healthy??

Kathryn Sorrell
Éclair Cake
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cosmiccook February 14, 2022
Uhm, make something else?
702551 January 29, 2022
It's important to recognize what this recipe is: it's a deconstructed éclair. The author created this recipe to avoid some of the anxiety of a successful pâte à choux and subsequent bake plus the fussiness of piping pastry cream into the choux.

The basic components remain the same: pâte à choux, pastry cream, and chocolate ganache.

As drbabs mentions, the easiest way to change nutritional value is portion control. This isn't specific to this recipe but is applicable to pretty much everything you eat. Yeah, that big bag of potato chips isn't one serving. Neither is a pint of ice cream.

This recipe is extremely heavy on pastry cream which is the fattiest and most caloric component. Thus if you can find a low-fat version of pastry cream, that would be the easiest modification of one of the primary ingredients. Next would be cutting the amount of creme pat. Cutting the chocolate ganache by 50% would be another tactic.

Another simple tactic would be to make traditional éclairs and cut the chouxs lengthwise along the equator, adding pastry cream like a sandwich filling rather than piping the interior.

You could replace the pastry cream with creme Chiboust (creme pat cut with Italian meringue).

Heck, you could replace the creme pat with something else like some sort of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese dessert filling. How satisfying would that be is really your call.
drbabs January 29, 2022
I honestly have no idea how to do that, except perhaps to eat a very small portion.
Nancy January 29, 2022
Or, search by browser an eclair recipe that has already been modified for lower fat, sugar and calories.
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