Is it possible to freeze this dessert to be eaten at a later date? If so, is there any special instructions I should know so it turns out good still?

  • Posted by: Yveric
  • January 1, 2023
Éclair Cake
Recipe question for: Éclair Cake


Happygoin January 1, 2023
You can freeze a baked pate a choux, but not the pastry cream. So, I guess the answer to your question is partially.

And if you freeze the pate a choux, you’ll want to crisp it up in the oven before you fill it.
Yveric January 2, 2023
Thank you! My issue is that I make a double batch of this recipe, everything worked out perfectly. My problem is that I forgot it in my refrigerator when we left yesterday to go to my in-laws for our Christmas get together. I won’t see them again for a week, next Sunday. I was hoping it would be okay if I froze it just until Sunday so it wouldn’t go to waste. But you are saying it won’t work except if I didn’t have it all put together? The cream won’t hold up for a week in the freezer? Ugh.
Happygoin January 2, 2023
Pastry cream won't freeze well. But if you know the alternative is to throw it out, try freezing it. I don't think the results will be satisfactory, but so long as you know it going in...
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